Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday ...

A very fast and happy song to recommend to you all . A song by 陈晓东 (Chan Hiu Dung, Daniel). After listen to this song, you will feel all the holiday mood...coming...and you need a rest...:o)

(读白 : 唉...成日开工....)
天天工作极忙乱 思想不懂去运算 也失去能源没中心去兜圈
发觉理想未如愿 乱闯一番也未远 你要休息再可打算
Everybody needs a holiday 也请你要给灵魂认购一张戏飞
Everybody needs a holiday 去吸气最疯癫派对内再度重遇你
风都可以是甜味 只差想通这道理那感觉神奇 像身体正飘飞
你有你生命权力 若不更改这定理会变不懂笑的机器

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