Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cooking corner : Egg crepe with fish paste, sausage & ham

I like to cook so I would like to share some of my recipe here in my blog. If you ask me how well I can cook? My answer is "can put in mouth lar", at least so far my hubby no complain... hehe :o) The 1st recipe i want to share is the egg crepe with fish paste, sausage & ham. Egg, ham, sausage seems to be most people favourite food, rite?

Ingredients (to make 2 rolls) :-
Egg crepe (can buy from supermarket)
100g fish paste (mix with spring onion)
4 pieces Ham
4 Sausages (normal length sausage)

Seasoning for the fish paste:- Salt and sugar to taste, some sesame oil, pepper, corn flour, “zor hau yu powder”

Steps :-
1. Mix the fish paste with spring onion and seasoning.
2. Put the egg crepe on the table. Make sure the table surface is dry
3. Use a spatula to spread a layer of fish paste on the egg crepe. Make sure it covers the whole crepe, then put 2 slices of ham on the fish paste. Then spread some fish paste on the ham.
4. After that, lay 2 sausage on top of the ham. Cut out the remaining portion not cover by the crepe then spread some fish paste on top also.
5. Just roll up the crepe together with all the fish paste, ham and sausage.
6. Steam for about 20 mins.
7. You can then cut and serve hot. You can also pan-fried it if you prefer the fried version.

Fried version

Steam version


Anonymous said...

wow! 看来好好吃哦!
wei! add my blog into ur blog ler! peng yiu!

pearlie said...

Hi Ricky..

Kam xia kam xia. not only looks nice, it taste nice also..

Chong Chan said...

Wah, they look delicious, slurp......

MarGariTa said...

can fight with ohbin liao..hehe

pearlie said...

chong chan,
u can try and make for hitomi, hehe :o)

still very far from ohbin standard lar..

Anonymous said...

dun let the photo bluff u guys, alot of work bhind it.wakakakaakaka