Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cooking corner : Crab stick, ham & onion omelette

Ingredients :-
2 eggs
4 crab stick (cut into small pieces)
1 onion (cut into small cube)
1 pcs ham/bacon (cut into small pieces)
some spring onion (chopped)

Seasoning :-
1 teaspoon soy sauce
dash of pepper and sesame oil

Method :-
1. Beat the eggs and add in the seasoning.
2. Then add in all other ingredients except the onion and mix well.
3. Heat up some oil and stir fry the onion.
4. Then, pour in the egg mixture and pan-fry until set. Turn over and fry the other side until golden brown also. Dish up and serve.

** You can actually replace the ham/bacon/crabstick with any other ingredients of your preference. Eg. sausage, "char siu", luncheon meat etc. However, for ingredients that require longer time to cook, do pre-fried them first.

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