Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cooking corner: Indomee goreng special

I think many out there like to eat indomee goreng. By doing another extra step, you can actually enhance the taste of the indomee goreng while still preserving the original flavor. Instant noodle will not just be instant noodle anymore... All you need is just some additional ingredients that you can find from your fridge, chicken meat, pork, ham, sausage or if you do not have any of this, just an egg will be very nice already. Below I have use chicken meat, ham and an egg.


2 packet indomee goreng
some chicken meat cut to small pieces
ham cut to small pieces also
1 egg

1. Prepare the indomee goreng as usual. Blanch the mee in boiling water and then mixed with all the seasoning and sauce in the packet.
2. Heat up wok with some oil.
3. Pre-fried the chicken meat and the ham. Dish up or push to side of wok.
4. Then, break in the egg and fried into omelette style.
5. When egg is almost done, pour in all the chicken meat, ham and the indomee that had been cooked earlier.
6. Turn to high heat, and stir fry all the mee, meat and egg until well mixed. Dish up and serve.

** if you only use egg, then omit all the steps for the meat.


Erica said...

wah.. looks nice... when can you cook for us? hehe...

pearlie said...

erica :
anytime also can lar.. just tell me in advance, hehe :o)