Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cooking corner : Stuffed "Yau char kway" with mayonaise

Ingredients :-
2 pairs “yau char kway”
100g fish paste (mix with spring onion and water chestnut)

Seasoning for the fish paste:-
Salt and sugar to taste
some sesame oil
corn flour
some “zor hau yu powder” (if you have)

Mayonaise sauce :-
3 tablespoon mayonaise
1 teaspoon condensed milk

Some sesame seed

Steps :-
1. Mix the fish paste with spring onion, water chestnut and seasoning.
2. Cut each “yau char kway” into 3 portions. Then, slit in the center of the “yau char kway” and stuff in the fish paste.
3. Fry the stuffed “yau char kway” in the wok until medium brown. Dish up.
4. Mix the mayonaise with the condensed milk.

5. Take out all the remaining oil in the wok. Clean the wok.
6. Then, pour in the mayonaise sauce and heat it for a while. Once it is bubbling, put in the fried “yau char kway” and mixed well.
7. Finally, add in some sesame seed and dish up to serve.

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